Would You Consider Eating Rats?

In Thailand, roasted rodent meat has become something of a delicacy, according to a BBC report. More expensive than chicken or pork, a kilogram of rat meat goes for about $6.

Would you consider having this dish?

Would You Consider Eating Rats?BBC

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Not even if my life depended on it!!.... Wait a minute! If someone actually ate a rat, it would be because their life depended on it.. Uh, let's hope none our lives ever depends on it. 

I know! Some cultures indulge in what they consider 'exotic' foods, like rats.. monkey brains and crawly things... but that's a matter of CHOICE!! Not mine.

Just another (keyboard) pecker

I've had and enjoyed pet rats in the past, so that would give me a problem right there. If I was starving I imagine I'd eat a rat, but if I was starving I'd probably be too weak to catch the dang thing. And even then, I have such a soft heart and love animals so much I probably wouldn't be able to kill it.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

Right now I think I would rather strave then eat a rat, but then it's hard to say till you are really in that situation.  They are ugly and carry diseases, so either way, my life would be at stake.

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In our country we are not used to eating rats, so it sounds repulsive.  Howerver, we try frog's legs, escargot (snails) and how about calamari and lobster.  These are acceptable things, but one thing is we don't usually eat the head or even have to look it in the eye so that makes it easier to eat.  Rat might taste good, but most people wouldn't want it.

Ya do what ya got-a do. It's meat. It's food. People eat it. It's fine.

Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.

If rat is on the menu, sure. Other people eat dogs, cats, cows, horses and other meats that are taboo in certain other countries. If it is acceptable in that country and the meat is disease free it should not a problem. If the animal in question used to be someones pet, that's just wrong! When I was young my dad gave us my brother's pet rabbits for dinner (we thought they were wild ones) and I would not have eaten them if I had known. True, my bro was not caring for them but dad could have given them away instead.


Only if starving to death and there were no other food sources. But then, I would not have to think about it. I would break out the Hibachi, and after field dressing the little boogers, I would marinate them in some Hoisin sauce with a liberal amount of Tabasco, then cook them. I can see myself enjoying this meal, fending off starvation and certain death.

A nice Cabernet sauvignon would go well with this.

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Dnt eat animals please..........

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