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Why is Congress worried about our ability to build tanks?

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Congress is most assuredly NOT worried about our ability to build armored vehicles.  I can understand why an enemy military power operating unlawfully on our shores would spread such rumors, but military propaganda is an act of war and shall be dealt with in the terms it rates.

The fact that you seem to believe enemy propaganda concerns me, because it proved that there is military action afoot and it most definitely SHALL result in bullets in the air unless we stop it forcefully now.

Are we clear on that fact now?  Here is a photo of the Abrams M1-A2 as currently deployed in Afghanistan. 

Tell me, does this look like something you would want to face as an enemy?

There burns no hotter fire in hell than that reserved for cowards, home wreckers, and troublemakers. Be warned accordingly.

Maybe because the Chinese government owns all the mineral rights in most of the world thanks to us, also our steel mills are almost non-existent so the tanks which use steel "will be made in China."

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