This guy who has been basically ignoring me for a ...

this guy who has been basically ignoring me for a few weeks(we have a on and off relationship) says to me... " why dont you call or text me no more?" but he normally treats me like dirty. why would he have a mood change randomly like that? and should i call, text, and hang out with him like we used to? even though it wasnt the most healthy relationship between the both of us...

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If it already wasn't a healthy relationship, you should probably just move on.  He may be bored, looking to play for a while, then drift back away.  He may have emotional problems and can't form a good relationship, and maybe if he tried and found the right help, he could be okay, and maybe he wouldn't.  That's totally unknowable from my position.  If he's lying (ignoring you and claiming that you're ignoring him), then he might just think that you're stupid and easy and he can do what he wants.  He'll manipulate you for a while, and continue to drift back and forth.

I haven't come up with a good reason for hanging with him yet, and I'm usually so nice and forgiving. 

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He probably just wants to feel wanted and I'm not saying that in a good way! He basically wants you to persue him while he ignores you or treats you like crap. This man has issues and you should just end this on again off again relationship for good. It's going nowhere fast and you are only wasting your time with a guy like that. He sounds self centered and egotistical among other things.

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