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GIVEN: The time will come when people will not worship the Father either on this mountain or in Jerusalem. The time is coming and is already here when by the power of God’s Spirit people ...

Each mans world ends when he dies.Your world is what you have made it while in flesh body,moments and random acts of kindness,not time as man created it becomes important to our Father of love light and energy.Mankind has built his relationship with God especially the religious who often mis-quote words and logos from the collection of books he refers to as the word of a God.King James, Paul of Tarsus and the Roman emperior Constantine are just a few of those who were the editors of the scriptures stolen from the lambskins.The true Jesus wrapped in Joseph's swaddling,not born in purple, wrote only in the sand .His apostle's wrote nothing,So quoating man's bible has value for all those who seek our Father, but only if they know what was excluded.Men and women of science are much more important than the religious scholars when you are seeking Jesus the sun/son of our Father.Understanding the Law of Physics and the Law of God should compliment each other not confuse.This will require mankind to venture back to what science refers to as the big bang ,our Father refers to it as a little spark. The big bang, the logo will apply to the next part of our Father's perfect plan.Anti matter not Anti Christ will be the focal point.When this happens and it will,the sun of God will play a major role and the earth will fold within itself similar to the black holes,our Father refers to blackholes as his garbage disposals.What the religious refer to as spiritual, men and women of science refer to as quantum physics and the children of our Father know as love,light and energy will be.

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The Scriptures of the Jews, Christians and Muslims and the cultures of the rest of the world share one unique solution in common.

The answer lies in the critical mass of God's self-revelation in Christ's death on the cross (the "tree of life") open for thorough verification and personal experience.


I agree with open for thorough verification and personal experience but not with the tree of life but rather the breath of life.

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