Natural remedies for water retention or malar bags

Hello, I am a 38 year old black female. I have this question: about a year ago I had a Iterine embolization surgery for enlarged fibroids. Prior to that I was given lupron which sent me into temporary early menopause. Shortly after the effects of the lupron wore off, I started to notice a swelling under my eyes just on the top of the cheek bone area. It goes up and down. Mind you I am hypothryroidic and my dosage of thyroxine has just been increased from .137 mgs to .175mgs since may 2007. My question is as I have went to the doctor, he states this might be fluid retention. I barely use table salt, my blood pressure is really good and my cholestrol is perfect. I also noticed I have a lower back and lower left and right side pain. I have researched and I wonder if this is what's called malar bags? If it is fluid retention, when I ice the area it does not respond to cold or reduce in size. If this is fluid retention what is the most effective way to get rid of the excessive fluids. If this is malar bags is there anything I can do besides getting a mid face lift or eye surgery? I'm more of a holistic type of person. Would like to know something natural I could do.

Thanks for any helpful info,

C. Anderson


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<><>Hi, and I hope you're feeling better today than yesterday.  I just wanted to post this website for you in the hopes that it might help with your problem.  It is a natural remedy fand prevention for water retention.  Be sure to inform if this solution works for you or not.

<><> Natural Remedy and Prevention Link<>

I'll search, while you wait.

Dandelion root and dandelion leaves can make an infusion or tea that will help with fluid retention.  Just key in either in the search block of your web browser to locate a good remedy.  Look up which has a great program about herbs and their uses.  The doctor had put me on a water pill and it had slowly became ineffective.  He was talking about increasing the dosage (not a good idea in my book if there is a way around it.)  So I tried the dandelion root and it is pretty bitter but I put it in a daily cup of green tea and use a little extra honey.  Works like a charm.  No more blotted face or fingers that are so thick with water they won't bend.  And best of all, you can pick this stuff out of your own yard and dry it.  So the remedy is cheap.  Just no bug spray on your stash.  God's speed.

 I would note that I had the same symptoms and they recently did a cat scan of my abdomen for a completely different problem and found that I had a kidney stone.  The doctor checked and we reviewed my history.  I had stopped drinking pop because of the health problems and it turns out that the pop had been keeping my excess calcium in check.  When I stopped drinking the pop, the calcium and minerals began to harden into stones.  

Turns out I need to drink a pop a day, and a ton of water.   

Natural diuretics such as dhaniya, cocunut water will help

Evidence-based scientific homeopathy is a modern nano-medicicne

I have the same problem with the puffy swollen cheekbones. It's very irritating, and sometimes I don't even want to be seen. I try to cover my face up with my hair but doesn't always work. I also must add, that when I go out into the sun it gets worse, plus those puffy areas get real red at times. I've been tested for lupus which was negative. Also I had several blood tests done to see if I had any inflamation going on, that came back negative as well. But I do have elevated cholersterol. I don't use the extra salt, drink lots of water, watch my diet, and still the swelling does not go away. Especially in the morning hours it's bad. At times it's not so bad, but it's always a bit swollen. Just some days more and some days less. Around my cycle it's worse I've noticed that. I really seek answers, because it really depresses me, I look horrible. I do have abd. problems, had those for years. I wonder if that could have something to do with that. I just wish that I would stumble over an article that give a clear understanding. My physician said it could be a family history thing. Great! I hope it isn't. Anybody out here with a remedy? I've tried the ice cubes, tea bags, none of that worked.Cry

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