Worried about rising oil prices?

Are you concerned about the price of oil?

Worried about rising oil prices?Corbis

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Yes, I am very very worried, knowing the inverse effect it has on the world economy.

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Each time oil prices rise, inflation does rise and value of currency declines further. Rising oil prices mostly remain primary concerns for all the major corporations and organizations.

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Increase in the price of oil is really disturbing the world, even we have seen few of wars on it too.

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Increase in the price of oil is really effecting the economics of many countries and creating many problems for the daily life of citizens.

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Yes, since the global economy always depend on the international oil market. .

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Yup, increase in oil will really affect lot's of consumer. There is the issue of the transportation of goods to consider. Higher fuel prices ultimately get passed on to the consumer, meaning everything we buy will cost more, adding to our already strained pocketbooks that are hurting because we spent over $35 to put gas in a Honda Accord (ouch!). The smart thing to do would be to shift a large portion of our transported goods from truck to rail. Anyone who?s taken college physics (and I sincerely hope that at an engineering school everyone has, regardless of major) can tell you that a single train will use less fuel than dozens of trucks hauling the same cargo. 

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