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What can social internet sites do to draw the line ...

What can social internet sites do to draw the line on cyberbullying so incidents of suicide, like that of Tyler Clementi, do not happen because thoughtless and mean people post personal videos of them on those sites

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I think that there must be state laws regarding this and people must be given capital punishments who cause harm to other people and who so cyber crimes.

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I think more security checks should be made to identity such inappropriate sharing or incidents, the account of the accused should be blocked if found involved in cyberbullying. also information should be provided to the users to set their privacy settings.

Social got its bad and good! but the good overrides the bad if you know what you are doing.  basically, it depends on how u look at it though!

social media helps so many people to reconnect and discover new pals.  any good thing has its bad side but that does meant to say, we should do away with it.  planes crashes but people still board planes..the social media remains a turning point in today's life..to say the least, social internet sites can not play any significant role other than the one it current does. twitter.com. orkut.com, http://buzznab.com , facebook etc..got my praises

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