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Your answer to my question has been directly sent twice.  The same answer has come to me.  It does not work and didn't work the first time.  I need another way to get this out of my system.  It opens up when im booting and it prepares to scan. the icon is still down at the bottom of my screen.  I can right click on it and it wants to know if I want to stop scanning or close.  I naturally click close.  Th icon is still there.  Im not bothered by it the registry the whole time Im on.  Still I don't want to be bothered with it to have to go through some procedures to get it off my screen.  Can you help.  Please don't send me the 3rd time (same) suggestion. Thank you.
Elaine....if you got same answer from me twice...well that's what we call an 'AOLA glitch' a lot.
Anyhow, The main reason you can't remove it is because it is working within your system.
Try this:
Right click on your task bar, and bring up 'Task Manager'....on 'Processes' tab, look for anything related to 'Uniblue'...and click 'End Process'....That way you can look to see if you can remove it in 'Add/Remove'.
Another method:
Open up 'Search' from Start and go to --- 'Search all Files and Folders' on C: drive selected ...type in both boxes: Uniblue Registry Booster
...hit search ...and see what is there that can be deleted. On some of those files, you may have to open each and delete portions one by one. Eventually, by doing so, you will render much of the the Uniblue  functions ...useless.
And finally, you will need to open up your CCleaner...and run 'Registry fix' several times until you see 'no problems found' showing.
Let me know what happens, because I know it is not 'impossible' to remove any software from any PC...Good Luck ...Dave

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