My LCD monitor is so bright that it hurts the eyes ...

My LCD monitor is so bright that it hurts the eyes looking at it. Is there a way to adjust the brightness to a more reasonable level? Thank you for your reply.


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Almost all monitors have adjustment settings for brightness level and contrast. Do you have the manual for the monitor? If not look at the manufacturer's web site for a user manual to download and read through it.

Not knowing what brand of monitor you have it's hard for me to tell you how to adjust these controls. Ususally these controls are either small  thumb wheels that you rotate, somewherre along the edge of the screen or on some monitors a series of buttons that bring up an on screen menu and which then allows you to adjust various settings.


Hope that helps. 

Thank you for your kind reply. Yes, my Dell LCD monitor has small thumb wheels on the lower edge and I was suspecting they were there for some reason. I shall consult the manual and see which one controls the brightness. Again, many thanks.

young at heart

Read the manual, they have the step by step procedure on how to reduce the brightness of your LCD, don't have the manual? just Google it

I have the same problem with LCD monitors. And that is why I just brought it back to the shop and just bought a second hand 22 inch CRT monitor. The fosfor looses a bit of its brightness after some time so this is perfect for me.

Also a good thing can be to buy a LCD monitor with some kind of glass surface that dims the light a bit. Just adjust the light a bit (darker) and you would be fine. I nice monitor would be the xerox, this one has a flat glass plate from left to right.



Geez everyone, I can't watch plasma, LCD, or even DLP.  Even at distances, they hurt my eyes.  If my eyes are strained, I can't even look at my I-phone without discomfort.  I'm afraid we're into a medical issue that's still not yet being widely investigated.  This is awful.  I have been on my computer for 30 minutes and I just have to turn it off.  My regular crt TV is fine and I can watch it all day and night with no discomfort

There may be a problem in your eyes as well, as some times sitting more in front of LCD can cause discomfort glare problem in your eyes.

You must always use EMI/RFI Coated Glasses if you sit long hours in front of any kind of LCD/Monitor,


Sheryar Nizar

easy to handle, hard to understand.

There may be a problem in your eyes as well, as some times sitting more in front of LCD can cause discomfort glare problem in your eyes.yes 10.4 inch VGA Monitor ,i think so.

Yes they can be a little bright but know there is a function to turn down the brightness and these monitors can be found at

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