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Which is better INTEL or AMD for a Processor for everyday home use with a computer!!

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Both are perfectly ideal.  You won't notice a discernable difference in either of them.  If you suddenly choose to upgrade your AMD processor, you'll find that AMD processors are commonly less expensive than Intel processors.  So this becomes a benefit in upgrading.

On another note, if you choose to overclock your processor, I've always overclocked my Intel Core 2 Duo's and Intel Quad Core's to some very nice and stable speeds.  These two Intel processors handle overclocking extremely well.  As for AMD, I've yet to experiment with their overclocking capabilities.  Just go with Intel.  You'll get what you pay for.

Intel is better indeed.

I used Intel at home and in the office.. I think its much better to use. :D

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Howdy Tony,

                  Fact is both have their good side, I've hardly heard any negative comments concerning either, so the real question is which computer brand is best. Again, their all good in their own way but I lean toward the lowly Emachine with intel processor. I've got a 2.00 GHz processor with 3GB ram (4 max) and I got it for under $400.00.. I've had it for over a year and have had zero problems.. With the 320GB hard drive I haven't even come close to the first gig in use (I don't collect high-end games but I've got over 150 separate programs and have had no problems running them).. I can watch any dvd on the market and almost constantly watch stream vids such as netflix and youtube.. I really swear to the Emachine.. Some folks can't stand them and I can't get behind the Gateway brand.. Compac and HP are also fine machines but aren't in the same price range as the Emachine in comparison to components offered. Whatever you choose, I think you'll be more satisfied with Intel Tony.. Let me know if you have any questions.. Luck.

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