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Does anyone know what is error-ac-1000 0x84200317

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Elaine is a very pretty name. Hello Elaine. What else can you tell us besides describing a program field named error-ac-1000 with an associated displacement address of 0x84200317? Please keep in mind the 4 or 5 W's: what, when, where, who, why, and/or how. (How the H got in there I just do not know...)

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All I know is what my friend told me she has been trying to sign onto AOL and she gets this message and it says something about her modoum is being blocked

Remember, when you have a computer problem, search on Google for help. Do not type a long problem description, just choose the hot points. For example, go the Google and type the following: pc, error, ac, 1000. The pc lets Google look for pc stuff. Regarding your friend's problem, she needs to relax, then run a complete virus scan on her pc. Preferrably, run the virus scan in safe mode. While the virus scan is running, she needs to find an AOL installation CD to reinstall AOL. Will this work? It depends. If she is in South Florida, then look me up and I will help. If not, seek an acceptable computer repair person to help.

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Ok thank you thats what I told her to do to run a scan and then to uninstall Aol and reinstall it .Thanks alot.

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