Complaints against National Better Living Association

Are there complaints against the National Better Living Association?

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Dear Bob:

I have a big one.  They won't refund my money.  I signed up with NBLA back in Dec of 2009.  Firstly, you are not buying health insurance, what you are buying is a membership of which "LIMITED MEDICAL INSURANCE" is a part.  Go to there website if you want to look at their product.  The website name is

It looks very good.  Please don't get involved with these people.  I was only with them for a month and I am having a real time getting my money back.  I will get it back if I have to sue them. 

Stay away from the National Better Living Association.  "PLEASE."


Signed: Ron Hosum\



They told us they were a partner with CIGNA and they are but EVERYTHING Janice Johnson at 866-951-0887 ext 232 told us was a flat out lie.  Oh it sounded so good!  $300 deducitible for each of us per yesr.  $50 deductible for prescriptions and the cost for a 90 day supply would only be $40 or $15.  And she kept mentioning that they are government subsidized and that is why they can offer this insurance cheaply.  our "insurance" went into effect yesterday and I canceled today.  I am reporting them to everyone to shut them down.   

Hello everyone, im sure glad i thought to look somethings up before i didnt something i was going to hate later. I to has been called by this company about health insurance and as they was talking to me i said to myself that this sounds too good to be true. Now that i see all the complaints about them im sure glad i didnt except anything from them. Thanks o call the people who took the time out to warn others of this scam. Thanks alot.

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