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Compare AAA and AARP Motor Cl;ub plan.

I am looking for information on which motor club plan would be best.  I am considering AAA (at $48 per year) and AARP (at $42 per year).  Anybody have info on AARP plan, I have had AAA in the past.

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I have had AARP Motor Plan for several years and just got notice today they are raising it to $81.00 a year. Does anyone know about AAA Motor Plan and what they charge and if they are better?

AARP is definitely cheaper. Premium plan is most cost effective.Standard plan limited to 3 miles of free towing, compared to Premium which includes upto 100 miles free towing. Annually $ 69.00 Worth it.

I've used both over the years & have found AARP generally better, more responsive & usually additional benefits for a few less $ 

I've compared AARP and AAA and found AARP to be the cheapest and provide plenty of coverage in my Motor Plan.  The Premium Family plan offers the 100 mile towing and covers anyone driving the vehicle.  Our Family plan is only $81 per year and we've benefited many times from their excellent, friendly service.

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