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Has anyone ever really won any money from "International Award Payment Center" {IAPC} 1401 Armour Rd. North Kansas City, MO 64116?  I keep recieving these common sense questions to answer but then there is also always a fee to send in with the answer.  They promise that i will win all this money. Any info will be appreciated. Thank you.

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I received notice thatI shall be awarded the sum of $15,000.00--All they require is answering a question and sending them $9. Are they kidding me? The Post Office should be able to do something about this scam

This is scam darling,

I received one just now and decided to look it up. Write something on it and send it back with the reply envelope and then report it. Do not send any money.


no it's not! I recently won $100.00 bucks from the IAPC blue series VII contest. you answer a question and send in your entry fee. It is a game of skill not kuck. You have to go through 4 rounds of increasingly harder questions and tie breakers. 5 bucks per tiebreaker but worth it if you win! I didn't get the grand prize this time but I"m going to keep playing until I do. This specific contest is international so the competition is a lot but still fun. They have a list of winners check it out, www.oppcompany.com

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