What is communication,definition of communication,types of communication and scope of communication.

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While interaction is the goal, communication is the method, and consists of many types. Communication is the process involved with the exchange of any kind of information or data. Languages of many kinds are being used in order to exchange information- It could be oral language which the parties should share in order to process the data in the proper way, there are also informal languages such as body language, which is much more universal.

In our days, when saying Communication you generally refer to the mass media- TV, radio, newspaper, magazines and of course the internet. Those media channels transfers mass amount of impersonal information to a mass amount of people consuming it. Usually it would be divided by common interests like sport, new etc. 

Here is the formal definition of information.  


It's a too heavy issue to deal with it in several lines.  I'll be brief: Communication is a process of transffering a message (in two ways: to and from).  If it's good communication what one wants to say is understood in the same way by the other (and vice versa).  Good communication requires to be good listeners and strong E.Q. 
Communications can be between any two parties: Privates to privates, privates to organizations, organization to organization, private to public, ....... animals to animals......   Can be orally (speaking), signs, writting, advertisments, etc.  Can be done via: Air (speaking), phone, e-mail, ads, newspaper, fax, etc.  Good open communication requires openess and trust. 
You can find MARCOM = Marketting communicatin (The communications of your marketting). 
Purpose of communication: Basically making one's point, influencing, marketing (yourself and/or your business / organiztion).  A very important issue to everyone.  A sucessfull leader has to have good communication skills.
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communication is the acceptance of the sender's message by the receiver. If the receiver understands the meaning of a message which asks for action, but fails to act, the goal of communications is not achieved

Communication is defined as a process by which we assign and convey meaning in an attempt to create shared understanding.

Two types of communication:

1.Verbal communication

2.Non-verbal communication

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  • Communication allows people to exchange thoughts by one of several methods. There are auditory means, such as speaking or singing, and physical means, such as sign language, touch, or eye contact.Innocent

Major types of communication?

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