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Is there a palimony law in Florida, and if so how ...

Is there a palimony law in Florida, and if so how do you sue someone for palimony? I was in a relationship with someone for 18 years, they caused me to lose my career, everything then just left.  Is there anything I can do????????

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There is a palimony law in Florida and you can sue for it. I'd suggest checking out Florida Legal Help Center to get the exact details on how to go about suing for it. Good luck!

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this page is a piece of junk, I asked a question about common law/Florida to attempt to get some info, the entire left side, after one intro partial sentence two years old has about same question as me...and a worse answer, really nothing, "check Fl. Legal help center" then the rest of the page is more totally opposed or different types of questions from Blues songs to this wasteing too much of my time, no thanks

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