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Atheists have long criticised devout followers of faith. But now it seems Atheism is stealing from that very religious tradition by erecting a temple of worship. What do you think about the first ...

Homosexuality in the eyes of the Bible - YouTube


I learned more about whats in that bible from her which was during the time that Bush sent a general out to god damn gays in the military, than I ever did from them protestants that bang on my door.


So King David was a homosexual. That general had to appollogize for what he said when he was god damning gays but he never did god damn King David, yet the whole time he used the bible to god damn gays.


Who would ever want to be a part of your protestant religion to begin with? You sound like your just way to fucked up.


I'M more responsive to hearing a womans voice anyway. She explains it quite well.

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