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Atheists have long criticised devout followers of faith. But now it seems Atheism is stealing from that very religious tradition by erecting a temple of worship. What do you think about the first ...

If you do not believe in anything but the here and now then there is no walls to put yourself into and no history to stick yourself to and no theology or thoughts to include yourself in because it is only the here and now which is constantly changing daily.

Let them have at it only goes to show how pathetic they truly are.

Can see it now, celebrating me for this and me for that but what about you and you oh oh.

Lady Darko

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The result of atheism is genocide.  It has always been so.  Atheists try in vain to "justify" their cult's atrocities but the fact remains that where atheism goes bloodshed follows very quickly.



AC moving film.  Or it should be but then when world politics get involved ya know what I mean.  Look what it took for the world to finally admit what was happening to the Jews.  Look what it will take again before the world becomes involved enough to understand the threat to Israel is also the threat given constantly to all of us and has been since 1979 and before.

Lady Darko

Ben T

I must disagree about your theory about atheists causing bloodshed. You must not know much about history. ORGANIZED RELIGION has caused more atrocities and wars than any other reason in this history of mankind. My "god" is better than yours so you will either believe in my "god" or I will kill you. That is the real history of religion. Religion is a tool that political leaders use to control the masses. WAKE UP!!!


Ben T. I believe I never said Atheists were responsible for the bloodshed throughout the world today.  I was speaking about the politics of the world at this time as seen through the eyes of the U.N. for instance and Obama. 


I know plenty about history.  I know that the problems throughout our world today and the slaughtering of non-Muslims is caused by a so-called religion of peace called Islam.


I know that millions have been slaughtered, mutilated, raped and fleeing throughout the Sedan, Darfur and all over Africa due to Islam.


I know that before Muhammad died in the 600s AD that he told his followers to go throughout the known world and spread Islam by the sword and by blood until everyone submitted.  And they did for years and years.  The battles are well documented in the Islamic literature and other countries and they got as far as France when the Pope finally said if we do not come together Christianity will be obliverated.  So we had the final Crusade.


How long has it been since Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists or any other religion other than Islam went out into the world and caused the massive chaos and destruction we see perpetrated by Islam?


I am wide awake and have been since I was a child to what mankind does to mankind you WAKEY WAKEY to the facts before your covered in camel dung its nobody else at this time in our history.

Lady Darko 


Your concept os somewhat confusing. Are asserting that those without religious walls (are the walls true physical protection or symbolic protection against uncomfortable ideas) You then assert that those without theae walls are actually unaware of the pasage of time, How do you defend this hypothesis and what force creates this state. As for the pathetic comment. Please expand on what it is that makes their actions pathetic while not even being cognizant of the passage of time. Im simply finding that there is no there, there. The entlire declaration is is without merit and appears to be a case of axe-grinding.


I am a ancient History major also a Cultural Anthropology Major, I am Atheist. I have not boasted, talked, or felt compelled to discuss my thoughts. Recently I have seen so many questions of Atheist living without a belief in Religions. I know of many religions throughout history, and the present, to contemplate Atheist as people without a life, or mean, stupid etc is your own and truthful heartfelt feeling! That is your rite, freedom of religion or without a belief at all is our rite. Though many people atheist or non-religious do not get caught up in the religious rants about our thoughts, We do not feel a feeling of any God. I have no foundation to speak of religious beliefs. Though I have the principles and standards of humanity not to antagonize anyone. I know many Atheist , I have no Resourcefulness, or fecundity or even in a moderate peaceful conversation be a gadfly to anyone about my indistinguishable cogency . Being thankful for my Freedom and thankful to the soldiers fighting for us is a daily thought for me even The Atheist soldiers deserve respect.

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