Coming Soon: Atheist Church?

Atheists have long criticised devout followers of faith. But now it seems Atheism is stealing from that very religious tradition by erecting a temple of worship. What do you think about the first atheist church?
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Coming Soon: Inflammatory Questions?

Why is it that AOL Answers seems to have decided to now allow unpaid ad questions (and answers) to overrun the site? You used to have the authority (and the staff) to remove the garbage; now you're reduced to asking vacuous or inflammatory questions in order to promote AOL/Huffington Post 'news' articles and garner traffic to AOL Answers?

Is it really worth the paycheck to give up your integrity?

'Nuff said...

Heck, athiests spend more time thinking about God than many people who believe do. Denying it certainly, but that still makes it a religion.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

It's a reaction to theism. What is there to deny?

It has to be the most ridiculous thing ever done.

If you think Obama's program is working, ask someone who isn't.

we had a so called -"church" for many moons - its called ANY RAND -

she escaped from the u.s.s.r. and wrote a number of books - such as


much of what she wrote is happining in amerika today !

If you do not believe in anything but the here and now then there is no walls to put yourself into and no history to stick yourself to and no theology or thoughts to include yourself in because it is only the here and now which is constantly changing daily.

Let them have at it only goes to show how pathetic they truly are.

Can see it now, celebrating me for this and me for that but what about you and you oh oh.

Lady Darko

Atheists already have numerous organizations.  The trouble is that they come and go so very quickly, usually whoever heads the organization absconds with the money from their accounts once they get any chance.

Who could imply that Obama has been loyal to America? Those on the unemployment line will tell you why their hopes have been shattered by uncaring Democrats. Remember that this November.

They should not start a church or temple, even though they wouldn't worship any god it still sounds like hypocrisy. 

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