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Any reliable book store online in the UK?

Asked: Should I start a blog?

I have always liked to write, but never had much of an outlet for it besides, the occasional short story in collage. I have gotten a fairly good response for my writing skills, most of the time. But ...

Asked: Where can you buy 1949 dedham high year book

where can you buy 1949 dedham high year book

Asked: Good first line for a novel?


Asked: Have you read 'Siddhartha' Hermann Hesse?

I never thought novel can have an effect on you until i read this novel. I even started writing here are my blogs

Asked: Books about japan & japanese culture?

Hi everyone! I'm looking for some interesting, well-made books(possibly not travel guides)concerning japanese culture and travels to japan. MAybe some novels on the subj too!Thanx

Asked: Grant money

Is there grant money to get literature coprighted and published

Asked: Could a female share her reactions for this part ...

Martin and Daisy were close friends in high school. Although he's a geek, Daisy did always think Martin had a cute, big bubble butt & was attracted to the nerd. Though they went to separate colleges ...