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Asked: Needing a book suggestion

I am looking for a book for inner city high school students about a character's "evolution". About how they were forced to adapt to new circumstances. Suggestions?

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Any reliable book store online in the UK?

Asked: Articles on Obesity

Need articles on the topics, The Causes and Effects of Obesity, Why am I fat, Dealing with Obesity, etc..Where can I find writers?

Asked: Just released last week...

Have there been any reviews on the book " Climbing Silver: Sacrifices of Innocence" by Anna Stone ?

Asked: Marble Paper

How marble paper is made

Asked: Looking for a creepy book I read as a child...?

When I was young, I was always in love with this rather creepy children's book. It was the story of this thing that was building itself a body. The book takes you through the places that this thing ...

Asked: Heptane-I used Loctite to glue together my ...

heptane-I used Loctite to glue together my glass frames. A tiny amount of the activator was on my finger and (don't ask) somehow on my tongue. Is ther anything I can take to neutralize what I've ...

Asked: Wastage of time

Dont you think reading novels is wastage of time instead one should read reviews and keep bluffing what do you think?