How combine NTFS partitions, or delete one and reclaim the space ?

I have two NTFS partitions on my Windows XP computer. How can I delete one of them and reclaim the space for the other ?

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You should try the GParted Live-CD
With it you can delete one partition andresize the other to the full size of the physical disk 

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Partition Magic

 This is the non-free de-facto partitioner.  You can re-claim your second partition and merge it back into your main space, but be careful, because losing your main partition is never fun.

Delete both partitions using 'fdisk' (yes! in ms-dos!) until you have only unpartitioned space. then install windows.

OR, insert your original (righhhhht) win-xp cd and reinstall. In win-xp setup, you can delete, crate and format partitions.

I also used Patition Magic before to do just that.

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Try patition magic, very powerful and also very easy.

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