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Color in the Cheering Scetion?

When are the Redskins going to mix up the color on their Cheerleading squads!? Don't get me wrong... the women ARE beautiful, but can we aquire some more black women, asian women, latino women? Its the team that have more colorful squads that have the heaviest support! if they want to keep the few minrity fans that they have, its going to take more than just trading for a QB with a lot of minority support [McNabb], its going to take some more commitment to the minorites in ALL aspects of the team. And quite frankly... I'm getting tired of only seeing white faces in the cheerleadering squad (and the support roles for that matter)! I wanna see some color!

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Amen Owtlaw Star! I too believe that women are beautiful no matter what their shape size, height or skin color. You've brought up a good point here, and I can only hope that the people who determine who's chosen and who goes, will stand up and take notice. The only real thing they should be worried about is their athletic abilities-and how limber the girls are.

Do we have to have "Affirmative Action" in all walks of life? Would you complain if they were all black, brown, yellow, etc.? I'm a Redskins fan and I like to look at the cheerleaders but I'll have to say that I've never noticed how many shades of color their skin happens to be. Never will either.

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