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Looking for Vintage Lawyer Sign

Vintage honest lawyer mirrored sign with pointing hand - One flight up. Does anyone know where one is???
  Posted 22 hours ago .


Can brain dead person breath on their own after being on a vent and if so what does this mean?

what does it mean when spontaneous breathing after vent is removed
  Posted 21 hours ago .


A Face That Transfigures

How can one explaiin that one day I sat with a brother in law and suddenly saw his face "transfigure" into an expresson of intense hatred. I went into something like a trance state ...
  Posted 18 hours ago .


My pig is sick please help

Our sow fave birth for the third time with 12 piglets and this is the first time that our piglets got sick. 4 piglets posses the same symptoms. Fever,swollen eyes, loss of appetite ...
  Posted 3 hours ago .


What does it meen when you lose your strength?

what does it meen when you lose your strength?
  Posted 13 hours ago .