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I have a hand gun manufactured by Oliver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works of Fitchburg, Mass. It is 38 cal, 5 shot chrome plated with black handles and a hinged break and tip up lock infront of the hammer ...

hi, i have the same gun ,5 shot revolver with hammer, I'm thinking it also is a 38 cal. it has black handles,with a owls face at top,of handles also has flowered designs on  handles, look to be made from a material , of plastic or bakelite.

on top of barrow, it says lver johnson arm & cycle works,

fitchburg mass. u.s.a.,

 it has  pat.june1696 aug2596 on the bottom of butt (handle)

it also has a serial number on out side edge of trigger guard (five numbers)

but this gun has a steel shank inserted through the barrow ,through the chamber to the hammer, DID SOMEONE DO THIS TO THIS GUN OR IS IT MADE LIKE THIS??  i bought it at a thrift shop, i thought it was a old starter pistol, the end of barrow is welded closed, the bluing is also burnt off at the tip of barrow, where the weld is, does any body have any answers for me thanks, 007jjamesbbond2009@bell.net

pats pending

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i have the exact same gun right down to the numbers on the trigger gaurd.I was told that it was john dillingers, don't know how true it is ,iI looked him and the wepons up but none similar.If u find out please hit me up!


also i thought it said Oliver it actually is iver johnson.

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