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Since you do not have a profile, I am not able to see what State you live in.

Here's the deal:  It is unlikely that you will be able collect UI while in Rehab.

All 50 states have quite similar UI laws because they are largely funded through the Fed. Unemployment Tax Act.  The states have to pass enabling legislation to conform to what the Federal government wants in order to receive the funds.

90-100% of the cost of UI is paid for by employers.  So, the benefits are intended for people who have lost their job due to no fault of their own. 

You didn't give much info., but here are some samples of how it goes:  If you quit your job to go into rehab. you are indefinitely disqualified because you left without good cause related to the work itself.  If you were fired because of a substance problem, you may be disqualified for varying periods (by state) if there was proof of misconduct connected with the work.  Another requirement of Unemployment Insurance is that one be physically able and readily available for employment.  You would not meet this requirement if you are in rehab. 

If, and I say if, you were laid off, or fired for non-work related misconduct, you would be eligible for UI after rehab.  No one, including me, and I am an expert in this area, can give you a pat answer.  You must file a claim asap after your last day of work, and establish your wage credits.  Many states are taking the initial claim over the phone.  Check w/ your state.  Get a determination.  Don't take anyone's word for it.  You have appeal rights of the Agency Determination.  Approximately 5-7 states now have disability insurance for non-work related illness or injury.  Check to see if your state has such.  The weekly benefit rate is nearly the same for DI and UI.  Time is of the essence.  Get a claim in.  Good luck.

Be well.

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