Colleague at work has a crush on me

I think that my colleague at work has a crush on me. She is touching me whenever she has a chance, sending me weird messages and being very apologetic for any thing she does that i'm not 100% satisfied with. I feel VERY uncomfortable.

I don't find her attractive and I really don't know how to tell her that, but feeling even more uncomfortable when ignoring her.

Any suggestions? 

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I would talk about a girl friend or a significant other and that should put the cabosh on it.  If she is your boss then it might be tricky.  Dating someone from work is never a good idea.

Live & let live.

Try to stay as professional and remote as possible with her.  Perhaps approach your boss with this dilemma; he or she could probably do something to stop the behavior or remove her from your path.

I would tell her that you have a golden rule. That is you dont date women from work.  That you want to get ahead and have no dilemma at work.

I would attach it as a reply to one of her weird messages. An then send any other of her messages back unopen.

Good Luck.




I think you should be honest with her and tell her that you are not interested and that it is not a good idea so see anyone from work if you really feel that way. If it gets out of hand, you should really tell someone

Note: DON'T DATE A COWORKER! Often times companys don't take families so one of u would have to go!!!!!!! 

In ur case just tell her the truth u know just tell her ur not intrested in her. But be as nice as possible!!! Smile at her, be friends. Don't avoid her!

Hope that helps, Good LuckWink  


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