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Lenore/Tadpole/RocmikeStalker.... Don't go away mad

Just go away
  Posted 14 minutes ago .


Best ED prescriptions (viagra, cialis, or livitra)?

what medicine is better, viagra, cialis, or livitra and can you recommend sites where you buy a cheap livitra, cialis, or viagra?
  Posted 3 years ago .


Husband of Dem. Sen. Hall-Long charged with sign theft

Middletown police have issued an arrest warrant for the husband of state Sen. Bethany Hall-Long for allegedly stealing roadway campaign signs erected by Republicans. Police on ...
  Posted 22 hours ago .


Post of the day?.. Month?..Year?

An explanation from AOL: You see Cartoon man, we are idiots. We had a thriving Message Board Community 3 years ago, but we do not like to be successful. So we decided to get rid of ...
  Posted 1 day ago .


Free Halloween Monster Cookies for everyone

Along with some copy pastes treats.
  Posted 14 hours ago .