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Who coined the phrase your in big trouble birdsong?

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Sorry, this is not an answer, as such. It's from a commercial for... well, something. Clearly a bad commercial because we remember the phrase, but not the product. I've been trying to track this down or find someone who remembers the commercial for years. 

This comes from the 80s sometime. We lived in Louisville, KY during that time. It was used in a commercial for Liberty National Bank. The plot of the commercial is that a meeting has been called and a bunch of banking suits are in the meeting room. It mainly involves three characters, Birdsong, Finley and presumably the banking CEO. I remember him being referred to as "J.B". Birdsong is a trim, clean-cut man in this 30s with a likeable face. Finley is older, thinner and can be compared to a weasel in comparison. J.B. could be played by John Houseman. The men are gathering in the meeting room... Finley, quietly to Birdsong with a sneer: "You're in big trouble Birdsong" J.B: "Birdsong do you like working at this bank?" Birdsong: "Why yes J.B." J.B.: "They WHY are you banking at Liberty National?" Birdsong: "Liberty's new Checking and Savings, J.B. ..." Birdsong goes on about the new features of Liberty Nationals checking and saving account programs. You are left with the obvious conclusion that Birdsong's bank is without these new features, leaving them at a competitive disadvantage. There's some of the dialog I don't remember. Essentially what happens is that after hearing about this, J.B. becomes irate at Finley, who is ironically supposed to be in charge of keeping up with what's going on in the banking world and their competitors. A short pause in the meeting room scene and you hear a voice-over announcer say some nice things about Liberty National's new banking account programs. Switch back to the meeting room scene. Birdsong to Finley: "You're in big trouble Finley" J.B., slightly under his breath: yes... A very popular commercial at the time.

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