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Coffee and weight loss?

I know coffee have many health benefits but I didn't know that it's a beverage you should take when you are on a weight loss program. How does coffee help you losing weight?

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Honestly, it does not help you at all. There have been many studies I looked up that show coffee doesn't do anything for your health. The caffeine in it does not metabolize fat. The only thing it does is cause you to be stimulated for a few hours and then hit a low. 


Coffee does not make you lose weight.  It does decrease appetite short term.  I would drink organic green tea for the health benefits.


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One cup of coffee a day is beneficial for you.. 6 oz of coffee.It has no nutritional value (pro or con). It speeds up your metabolism (pro) and improves the communication of nerves, as a stimulant (pro or con).You can burn calories and just drink coffee; that's good for weight loss.


I usually enjoy a cup of coffee and Barista is the well known coffee brand with different flavors healthy coffee and low calorie drink. So enjoy the real taste of Coffee at Barista Lavazza. 

Caffeine itself does not hold any fat loss properties.

Caffeine's effect on your body - higher hart rate & body temperature - that makes you burn calories.

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The most significant component of coffee relative to weight loss is caffeine--up to 175 mg per serving. Caffeine is a mild appetite suppressant and can help stave off hunger if substituted for another snack. In addition, the stimulating effects of caffeine provide a slight boost to your energy expenditure, helping you burn more calories even at rest.



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Hot Coffee will never help you to loose weight but i always use coffee to control low BP. It is one of the best fluid to high your BP.

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To take more exercise! And then with some of the nutrient-rich calories less food, such as: beef, olive oil, seafood (shrimp, fish)! If you do not want to exercise, you can also drink some bitter gourd juice, add some honey and the best! Come on! ! I wish you success!

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