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Who owns CNG Holdings, a check n' go company?

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Criminals. You don't want to do business with check n go. They are ruthless loan sharks. They charge 500% interest rates on loans. They take advantage of the low income people as that is their prey..... They go out to find low income people and con them into a loan.

Check n Go Store Manager in Columbus, OH:   (Past Employee - 2010)

worst job I've ever had.” 0 of 0 people found this helpful

The only good thing about check n go is the starting pay, but believe me you will not get much more then that..
While working at check n go I had 15 District Managers come and go, They were able to call you within 24 hours and change your schedule for the next day. They did not care if you worked alone for weeks at a time, One time I was being taken to court as a witness and was told I could not have that day off, You recieve vac and sick days but good luck using them. On the 1st,2nd,and 3rd you never get a lunch break, you may not even get a bathroom break. The training you recieve is from a computer program. I was never told good job for anything good we did but believe me they sure let you know when you did not meet what they wanted. They had you sign things even if you did not want to, and when you asked questions about it they would let you know if it was not done you could lose your job.. I was let go for a reason that was out of my control and they still fought my unemployment. This company is a very uncaring company.

Check n Go Customer Service Representative:   (Current Employee)

its not worth it” 0 of 0 people found this helpful

I like the pay. I make 8.50 an hour and closing at 6 and mostly getting out at 6:30 is nice.
Completely unsafe.
Understaffed on purpose.
There are only two people per store and usually only one at a time with the exception of days that more that fifty people are scheduled.
You are expected to pick up someone else slack if anyone quits because they realized this job is bull half the time.
There are no such thing as approved days off.
You technically work around the clock because your personal cell phone number is distributed around the district so other employees and your ddo can call you whenever they want you to do something or to complain about what you didnt do.
You start to hate yourself for charging these people insane amounts of money out of their paycheck every single month and they will never catch up. Also they force you to call all of the lucky and more responsible smart people who were able to pay off their loan and badger them to come back into the store and take out more loans. I seriously hate that part.
You dont get compensated for your gas you use running around from bank to bank trying to collect on peoples bad checks. Even though they have usually paid off what they actually borrowed in refinance fees by the time they go bad or run out of money they are still expected to pay off the full amount of the loan again plus the refinance fee and any returned check fees as well.
The company tries to tell you that we are here to help the people and that taking out a loan with us is better than going and getting a overdraft fee from the bank or what not but you know what? Most banks only charge you one overdraft fee. We can let you loan out for up to seven months if you get paid monthly and charge you for each month, Im sorry but thats wrong.
What I want to know is where all this money is going? If they are going to be like this why cant they pay for more hours for us to help the managers who are already over worked or for better protection for us? A measly little panic button isnt going to save our lives or protect us.
Advice to Senior Management
Get your head out of the clouds and realize ur being screwed too, and u might as well be honest with us about it as well because we arnt idiots and we know whats going on

?Check 'n Go - Good Pay but NOT Sound Company?

Pay and health benefits are competitive.

Location is outside of downtown Cincinnati (in Kenwood, OH) and includes free, covered parking.

Private company so less red tape to get things aproved. Despite small size, there is a decent amoutn of hierarchy.
Private ownership includes key players who are friends or family of owners in key roles. May not have right skill set, but they know the "right" people.

HUGE image issues for both company and industry. Company does some very questionable tactics and have repeatedly been caught on these (just google company to read more).

Key contributors rarely have growth opportunities. Leadership styles and expectations vary greatly between departments. My department had a very competent manager, but one who expected way too much from employees. Other departments didn't use goals at all and our department would be reviewed against goals in addition to daily responsibilities, which were often too time consuming.

CNG is unstable. Money is spent freely and badly (built a new building and moved in 2003 to get a city tax break, then built another new building and moved again in 2008. Within 2 month of the move, 10% of corporate work force was downsize, with another 10% of corporate AND field force plus 20% of stores closing just a few months later. Questionable whether they will be in operation within the next 2 years.

Store Manager in Bartlesville, OK:

“This is a very stressful and potentially dangerous position.”

Customer Service Representative:

“the worse job ever, never do it!”

Check N Go does not hire or promote african american professionals. I departed Check N Go for this and many other unethical reasons. Check N Go can't retain store managers because of the lofty goals set forth by senior management. Check N Go expects store managers to go out and get new business and if you don't succeed you are written up!! There is no budget for managers to go out and market and no one can explain how managers can accomplish this. If store managers do not achieve their debt goals, they are written up. You can't force a customer to pay their loan. But Check N Go will hold store managers accountable to this. This is sooooo unethical and bad business. Check N Go gives bonus targets that are not achievable so what is the point??? Why bother???  I have watched district managers come and go like a merry go round. The big reason Check N Go can not keep district managers (DDOs) is they are worked 80+ hours a week and get NO down time with their families. I heard from prior district managers that they could not do anything with their families because the regional managers and higher always had projects and deadlines for them to meet. My advice to any store manager or district manager, STAY AWAY FROM CHECK N GO. Get yourself a job with a good healthy company that is MORAL. Check N Go likes to manage heavily in threat. You will not rest at night because they like to rule their management in threat. They want you to feel that you can't go home at night and be with your family. They want you to work making collection calls until 9pm. I have spoke to four prior district managers in a forum on the internet and they shared some SAD stories that would spell INHUMANE on how they have treated store managers and district managers. There are four mid-west states that are closing due to the government placing a 36% cap on the loans. Missouri and Illinois are two of them. This is a dying industry and why would anyone put themselves in such a bad place. We as people have enough challenges in life to let someone like Check N GO abuse them???

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