Cluster of bumps on back of neck

I am lookin for information on a condition my husband has. A cluster of bumps have grown over time on the back of his neck where his hairline begins. They sort of resemble flat warts. Any info?

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It sounds like it could be some type of skin infection. I would suggest going to your doctor and having him/her look at it. If it is a skin infection, he will either refer your husband to a dermatologist or give him antibiotics to get rid of the infection. Either way, it's better to be safe than sorry.


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Another possibility could be some sort of fungal infection or viral wart. These aren't dangerous but you should get them taken off, since they can spread to other areas of your body. relationshipGuru is right. Best see your doctor.

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I am rather convinced that your condition may cure after using chloroxylenol.

This formulation can be bought over the counter or via the internet in the form of brand name Dettol.

You can use this medium as an overall body treatment diluted, and for the scull (take care with the sensitive neck) as pure as possible.

Soak 10 to 20 minutes, and than shower all of. 

It may start a process of exfoliation after creating a chemical burn like reaction. This will settle in about two days. Shower to dissolve dead skin, cream back if dryness occurs.

Dettol is a broad spectrum anti-septic that also proves active against MRSA strains.

The microbial resistance of neck and hairline infections relates to certain polymers that settle in and on the skin as an invisible, and highly resistant bio-film, that again enables secondary infections to come into existence.

Dettol is also used as a scrub for surgeons, and it is a good idea to scrub the inside and inter-digital spaces (between the fingers) of the hand.

As well the scull, as the inside of the hands are platforms for highly resistant micro organisms that tend not to be eradicated by most anti-biotic, including bleach.

Dettol is rather cheap, and proves to be with exceptional properties.

However you must take care with sensitive skin and only repeat treatment after giving the skin sufficient time to recuperate. So treat one day, and than wait two or three days after you can decide to repeat.


After using that Dettol did the bumps on your husband neck go away. My husband has something close to what you are talking about. I was just wondering if that medicine works, so we can try it.

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