Closing of Schools Due to Swine Flu

Do you think closing schools is an appropriate way to stop the spread of the flu?

Grafton High SchoolCharles Krupa, AP

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Before the school year began, Massachusetts health authorities recommended that schools close only as a last resort during flu season and instead focus on keeping sick students isolated at home. Grafton school and public health officials were in close contact with the state health department before today's action, Manley said.

"It is a decision that is made locally," she said.

This is a decision that was made locally, however given the circumstances and the little knowledge about H1N1 it's important to protect the health of the students and faculty. Closing the school might be a better alternative than the latter news.

To be in two places at once is virtually possible.

Parents need to be responsible and keep their sick children home.  I am an educator and you would not believe how many children are sent to school sick.

No, I don't think closing schools accomplishes anything. I think the most important thing in this is that parents keep sick kids home from school, and that adults stay home from work if they're sick.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

Absolutely. children often have greater periods of viral shedding and spread the virus more readily.  Schools and daycares are breading grounds for viruses and should have a low threshold for closing when many children are out with H1N1 or seasonal flu for that matter!

I would think it would have to help.  There are way too many parents who will not keep the sick kids home.  I work for a school district and see this everyday.  If they would close for a week,,maybe 2 it may help.  I would still have to go to work, so I'm not looking for a vacation.

Yes , they should closed schools due to swine flu keep  your childrens home........

yes. Home schooling is nothing new, and a better alternative all around. If you cannot teach, hire a teacher or get government help to teach your student. Think outside the box. Look at the shaoe of our schools right now...horrible.

back to basics

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