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I live in Charlotte, NC. I am planning on getting a pool and not sure about how far from the property line it needs to be. In adddition, I would like to put privacy fence up as well around the pool ...


Regarding your privacy fence, I am pretty sure I know this answer but I take pool fences very seriously and would not want to steer you wrong on where to place the fence. As you know, Charlotte is in Mecklinburg county and you will want to try and find the walls and fences ordinance for that county through their county site www.charmeck.org .

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The best option is to consult a contractor. Most around you will have a lot of experience with pools in Charlotte, NC or will at least know where to find out. Especially if you live within city limits, you have to be careful where you build and be sure you know where the property line is. Good luck!

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