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I'm in college for Criminal Justice. This is probably the LAST thing that you want to hear but BY LAW there is only ONE way to do it. You have to turn yourself in to the state that the warrent is in. The reason why is because the purpose for a warrant is not so much to have you arrested but it's so they can get you in court to stand before the judge for whatever the charge is. You can not just call and set a court date, so you would have to turn yourself in. Now depending on what the charge is, how old the warrant is, and what state the warrant is in, you might have a FEW options.

If the charge is a misdomeanor or a 3rd degree felony (lowest felony) then the state that the warrant is in may say "we will not extradite you from another state if you get arrested again and you agree never to live in the state that the warrant is in" some states do that BUT it depends on the charge and the state. I know a person who got arrested in Florida for drugs and found out that he had a warrant in Georgia for driving on a suspended. While he was in the FL jail, GA said they did not want to come get him for a little thing like that. So, again, it depends.

Second, you could go to the state where the warrant is and CALL and find out how much your bond would be. Then you take the money to a bail bondsman FIRST and tell him that you are turning yourself in. He will then take you and the bond money to the jail and you will be booked in and then released a couple of hours later and you will be out on bond until you go to court. Probably the best way to do it.

The only problem you may have is: Let's say that you have the warrant in Maine but you moved to Idaho. If you get pulled over or arrested in Idaho 2 things may happen. ONE: you will have to sit in jail in Idaho until Maine comes to get you and then they will drive you back to take care of the warrant, which takes FOREVER! OR Maine (the state you have the warrant in) finds out that you got picked up in another state, they could then charge you with "Unlawful flight to avoid prosecution" which is a BAD thing to have on your record.

I would be able to help you alot more if I know the states and the charge. You can email me if you want and I'll try to help as best as I can. I know it's a shi**y situation for ya. Good luck.



I have a warrant in the state of florida i live in mass .How do i clear this matter up

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