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How to clean dust off walls and ceilings

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vacuum hose and atachments works well for me.  glen

Glen's got the right idea. If you don't have a vacuum cleaner with a hose that reaches you could try a lamb's wool duster. I purchased one at a hardware store that sells cleaning supplies and it came with an extension wand. Now I can clean even the ceiling. Lambs wool dusters cannot be washed without ruining them, so when you get it full just spin it off outside. :)

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Well, you can also go with the old fashion dust it up with the broom or you can use a damp mop for it.

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I use vacuum cleaner to remove dust

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I am going to be difficult and say that I would firstly use the vacuum and then possibly a mop this is close to dry or you could use a lambs wool duster that is also just damp enough to attract the dust.

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