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Why are my laminate floors suddenly slippery? how ...

why are my laminate floors suddenly slippery? how do i fix this? we noticed this a week ago. we have done nothing different and had them for 18 mo. now. (only thing i can think of that's different that's touched the floor is a few months ago we got some foam play mats that connect together in pieces...but everythings been fine moving them around to sit on since we got them...until last week.)

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This sounds quite strange. Are you sure you didn't start using a different floor cleaning liquid? That might explain it.

I'm the only one to clean my floors and i'm not using anything different. (I have a shark steam mop) However we think we found the problem but don't have a solution. We had 16 sq.ft. of foam playmat from wal-mart. then a week ago i bought another 16 sq. ft. of the same stuff. anywhere the new stuff has been dragged is very slippery. i tested this out by taking the play mat into my room and rubbing it around a bunch...sure enough it left the floors slick! I don't know what they use to coat these foam mats with. I checked on the product and it just says made of foam. It has left some sort of a chemical. I don't want to start experiementing with much and make it worse. We have a two year old plus two older girls. We have all slipped on it including my sister and her daughter! We did try a bit of dawn dish liquid in some warm water and scrubbed w/ a cloth and wiped with clean water. But it didn't really help. I've done it twice now....

Sounds like you're right about the cause. You should consider inviting a professional cleaner to work on your floor. It seems like something worth trying. In the meantime maybe you should put a rug where the floor is slippery. You don't want anyone hurting themselves.

I used my Shark hard floor steam mop FOUR times on it plus i first washed it with mild warm water and liquid dish soap. it is all better now! so we didn't have to put a rug over it. (we have two for the living room but found the foam mats softer..think we will put the rug down first and then put the foam mats back AFTER i wash in warm soapy water that is! i'm certain it was the second package of mats i bought that was the trouble. b/c it was after that when it happened.


the reason i'm letting you know all this is in case you answer similar ?'s in the future you will have my input or if anyone else reads this solution. :) also the mild soap wash seemed to make them shiny again. before i was using mop and glo cleaner/polish and they were looking duller.


Happy to hear and thanks for the update.

All the best.

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