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What can i use to clean that will keep roaches away?

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Forget cleaners of any kind as they won't work.. (1) seal all open food (plastic containers).. (2) keep area clean (no dirty dishes lying about).. (3) purchase two or three geckos.. Yes!  I said "geckos".. release them in the house.. They will eat as many roaches as you've got then when finished they will move on.. Not only will they rid you of these things, they'll also sing to you at night. They are not dangerous and will stay away from you (though you might see them from time to time). This is the best way to rid roaches while being safe for the environment. Do not let anyone convince you otherwise, they do work.

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Keep the place free of gargage, food and crumbs. Buy some Roach Motels. They are inexpensive and work. Buy enough to scatter around the areas where the roaches are.

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