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class action lawsuit against case tractor does any one know if there is any legal matters against case tractor for the entry to the machine handle breaking off on the 590 superl back hoe.

I don't know if anyone is hauling Case to court over it.  Some of their hoes had mounting brackets with weak welds and a few got off the assembly line with the brackets just tacked in place.  The robot welder didn't get the computer go ahead to start welding and they missed it on inspection.

If the bracket itself keeps coming off, just weld it back like you meant it.  Clean the metal and give it a tough bead with your wire feed welder. 

One time I saw the lever break.  That is just a welding job.

I haven't had any problems with Case on warranty.  They'd a lot rather lose a little money on fixing a machine than have a customer wasn't happy with the machine.

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