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Claiming back your endowment policy before mortgage paid,can you surrender it if you are going to sell before mortgage expires ?

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How do i get a fl judge to dismiss assignment of mortgage is invalid due

You need a lawyer to tell you if the assignment is legal. I don't know why it wouldn't be. Some bank presumably bought assets, including your mortgage. They may have bought it at a discount. There may have been a two year delay, but I don't think that makes it invalid.

What is mortgage rate protector by DBS?

DBS Mortgage Protector is a home/mortgage loan that protects one against the interest rate fluctuations..its like, when the market falls the interest rate will also fall along with it, but when the market rises, the interest rate will be capped..

What are the best selling small cars in New England?

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Is it required by law to have central heating and air in your home before

If the house is in the USA the area has a building code, every municipality be it a city, town, or county has it's own rules and regulations. You need to call the building department or the health department for your area and ask the question.