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Civic Organization definition

"what does it mean to be a civic organization"

"What does it mean to have the official backing of the local government"

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Civic Orginization - Fidel Castro - Block Agents - People who spy on their neighbors and report them to authorities.

Barack Obama - Speaker of the Politburo - Communist States of America

Same definition

= Extra Rations, nicer government owned home, nicer government owned car

Think People, The Social Democrats in Congress took a 3 page piece of Emergency Bail Out Legislation and turned it into 242 pages that enable your Federal Government to own every home = own your banks

George Bush is urging Chrysler and General Motors to merge according the front page news yesterday to save the crippled U.S. Auto industry and to untilize BAIL OUT PACKAGE MONEY GIVING THE GOVERNMENT AN OWNERSHIP STAKE that is already allowable within the 242 Page Package the Social Democrats crafted.

Social as in Socialist, owning everything like homes - banks - manufacturing as in COMMUNISTS!


The Republicans voted against this for a reason.





You will have handed over our government and country to COMMUNISM

You will never get it back afterwards.

Nothing will be the same.

It's that bad, it's not going to go away, you can deny it all you want, to make yourself feel better.

When you are in a Communist Barbed Wire Reeducation Camp waiting to be told where you will love and what you will now do for the state as a living, you will wish you did not vote for the Politburo Speaker Obama.

This is a Communist Conspiracy to take over our Bankrupt Economy and Free World.

Who promised a new way that would radically change everything and redistribute wealth?

Vladimir Lenin

Fidel Castro

Mao Se Tung

Hugo Chavez

Do not do this to your selves AMERICA, WAKE UP, Save your Democracy, Yes times will be hard, but you will be free.

Vote for Obama - you will not be.

Vote McCain, don't listen to the Media, pay no attention to the Polls, Vote McCain

Stop the spread of Communisim before it is too late in our country.

We can repeal the Bail Out Package, take all that power away from the Socialist Democrats Congress through or Democracy and Supreme Court.

Lets face the depression together and building back up our great nation as Free People, with Free Speach, and Freedom of Self Determination.

Are you afraid to say you are not voting for Obama, by your office's water cooler? In a bar, or public place, at a social gathering, because you will be labeled as a racist no matter why you oppose him, or politically incorrect?

John McCain is a war hero. He has fought Communism. He will fight this communism. Alive and well and growing like a terminal cancer in its final stages here on our shores.

Rally behind him, save your Democracy.

Barrack Obama's new way, is Lenin's is Stalin's is Castro's is Mao's is Chavez's

There are only two ways, look at your world and it's history.

Free markets, free enterprise, free speach, right to self determination.


The only thing that makes Barrack Obama's New Way a new way is that we ARE NOT COMMUNISTS

Wake up America

Your Homes are about to be bought by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT

Your Banks are about to be bought by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT

Your Car Manufactures are about to be bought by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT

All written into law by SOCIAL as in SOCIALIST, Social Democrats.

Think before it's too late, do not cast an early vote for Obama, he is decieving you.


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