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Could I buy cigarettes from Seminole Indian Tribe online

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I recommend to buy in Swiss stores, like Cigarettes-buy.com. This way you avoid any tax problems, cause swiss stores doesn't report any info about customers.

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I like true American blends ... this is the best place for Marlboro or Winston Cigarettes .

The cigarette tax in Florida is unfair,unwanted and not voted for by the citizens of the state. The representatives in Tallahassee have done this to help balance the budget which they couldn't do because they refused to stop spending and reduce inplace spending.They also doubled all the state fees for things like car titles and license plates. How do you like that?

Stupid Charlie Crist and the idiot politicians in the Florida legislature say that the tax was necessary to help pay the medical costs for smokers. Well what about the medical costs from alcoholics, and how about the huge medical costs and wasted unproductive time by FAT PEOPLE? You don't see a tax on fat foods or beer or whiskey or cigars do you? Like cigars don't cause cancer? Bulltweet! Politicians must smoke cigars so no more tax. The politicians drink booze so no more tax there either. Politicians are all fat so no tax on fat food either. SO all they can come up with in Tallahassee to balance the budget is to further tax the people of Florida who are mostly out of work and during the worst recession we have ever had.   This tax is arbitrary, discriminating and unwanted by a lot of citizens in this state.

Now the aholes in DC are passing a law that says we can't buy cigarettes out of state anymore to avoid paying the state tax. Now there's a really stupid move that will put a lot of people out of a job and businesses out of buisness. Ya that makes a lot of sense when the country is going broke and so many people have no jobs. Just keep adding to the problem you idiots in DC. We'll take car of you in November. You guys too in Tallahassee.

My name is Pete McGill and I live in Bonita SPrings,Fl. and you can come and get me anytime you think you can make a charge stick.  Ya hear that Charlie?

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