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Christmas Tree non replaceable bulb light

Christmas Tree lights problems

I have a tree that has both replaceable bulbs and non replacable bulb.  A section of the bulbs are not working.  Through testing we know that a non replacable bulb is at fault. Do we have any options to replace the non replacable bulb?

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Cut that part where non-replaceable bulb fails then put new ballast with replaceable bulb to connect the circuit .

I just spent an hour searching for the problem with my prelit tree.  I noticed that one lamp had a white ring and that the light was out.  I used a needlenosed plier and carefully pulled it out of the socket. (It was not easy to do.)  The bulb wires snapped, but then I replaced the bulb and put it back in the socket.  It worked.  Now I know the directions say not to replace that bulb, but I did it before I read the directions.  My tree is lit and I am ready to decorate. 

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