What is a good Christmas gift to give to a family?

What is an appropriate Christmas gift to give to a friend's family who has invited me to join in the festivities at their house? Do I need to get individual gifts for each family member or one gift for them all to share?

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I would get something for the parents together, something nice for the house that you think they would use and enjoy.  Then, I would get your friend something.... I don't think you need to buy your friend's siblings presents.  You can also talk to your friend and ask him/her what the family usually does as far as presents are concerned.

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Save yourself the trouble and give them a gift-card at a certain shop you like.

I think a great gift for the holidays is a bottle of wine. Hosts always appreciate when the a guest brings a thoughtful gift such as that, and it helps lighten the atmosphere/mood when people are feeling happy after a glass or two. And this avoids the problems of getting each person an individual gift.

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It's a tricky question because each family got their own traditions and different Christmas habits, it would be very uncomfortable to bring something like flowers or a bottle of wine and then get 8 gifts from all the family members, the other way around is also pretty uncomfortable - bringing stuff for each person and making them feel uncomfortable because they didn't get anything for you.

The first thing I'd do is ask your friend about what her family usually do and follow those rules. I think either something for the whole household like a nice book or food or a DVD movie they can all watch together or a tiny gifts for each of them (socks anyone...) would be a good solution. 

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I think you should give them their favaourite thing..

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I suggest you to give gift cards from a popular stores or restaurants to adults and the Ultimate Game Card to teens and tweens. That will make the perfect gift...


Hi Jacky, Traditional gifts like wine or flowers are always a winner, but, don't worry. More than likely you were invited because they like you, and your company. A very good gift (so to speak) might just be a nice box of pretty Christmas cookies fresh from the bakery with a card that says Merry Christmas "family" on the box. That way everyone there shares your gesture. I would expect no more from a guest of mine. Enjoy your Christmas Jacky...

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In our family, the tradition is that anyone who comes for the holidays must bring an ornament for the tree.  Then every year, when we decorate the tree, we see that ornament and remember what fun we had with that guest!

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