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Have you ever cancelled christmas because the kids were bad? If so what were the impacts of doing so and did the kids learn anything from it?

Have you ever cancelled christmas because the kids were bad? If so what were the impacts of doing so and did the kids learn anything from it?


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I think that cancelling Christmas all together will just punish the entire family, including yourself.  I think that a better idea would be to cancel the presents.  You could even tell the kids that they are getting no presents this year, even from Santa, because of the way they've been acting, and you hope that this will help them to improve on their behavior for next year.

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my mom acually did this to us one year and she gave me only one present and that was the one from my sis, because we always were fighting with each other,i mean it was bad lol, and she got the one from me no santa or family presents just trying to show us how important we are in each others lives but dont cancel christmas think of somethin like how my mom kind-of showed us to start being thankful, and instead of us getting our presents my mom made us go into goodwill and give some away to families that were in there and we gave some to a christmas drive to show how improtant family is and i would say i defenetly learned to be me respectful towards others because one day they may be decide what you get.

Wow, this is something that would never occur to me as a parent in a million years. What do you mean, they were bad"?

If their behavior is bad, then you should parent to modify that behavior with consequences for their actions. For example, if they fight over the TV/DVD player/Ipod/Computer/Whatever, then take away their right to use that. If they don't follow household rules, then give them extra chores. If they are disrepectful or rude, then cancel their playdates (or whatever is the most fund for them).

I think that to cancel Christmas would not teach them to behave, but would teach them that their parents were mean..... It is the one day of the year when everyone is happy and nice - why would you take that away?

I know of such an event. Christmas was cancelled because of an 8 year olds behavior. There was no tree or decorating @ his house ; nor any gifts. The child had been warned about No Christmas if bad behavior went on. No decorating, no tree, no gifts. After that Christmas threat was carried out. The boy woke up Christmas day & came out of his bedroom to see if Santa arrived, of course Santa did not. The child wwent back to room locked the door. He stayed in his bedroom playing his Playstation3. The child could not watch any Chrismas shows on tv or participate in Christmas doings @ school. Time passed & childs grades got worse, all d's & F's, more f" than D's too! Child became depressed,angry, would lash out over nothing. As time has passed, child became a bully & a huge brat out of controll. He got physically violent with the Grandmother. It's been a year & nothing has improved or changed. No Christmas because of his behavior. He lost all his friends too. I feelthat's 110% wrong to say No Christmas because of behavior this year either. If You can not contrl the child, do not let the child controll You. This child threatened suicide. another call cops were dispacthed b4 Fire/Rescue. Cops just made a bad ordeal alot worse. Even adults can not stand this child.. I feel there's other options than taking away Christmas. Christmas is the Birthday of Christ, not about recieving gifts. It's Jesus's birthday & should celebrated as such. Too comercialism in Christmas. What happened to Christmas being about the birthday of Christ & family???? I feel it would seriouslly damage the child if they got no  Christmas. Then what? You tell a child there's no such thing as Christmas & Santa, it's just make belief or lies told by fools???? What then? children  getting arrested or caught doing drugs, because after years of being told Santa did not excist They need tobelieve in something! I'm against using Christmas as punishment. Child will need phyc eval if this happens. The child will go through life hating Christmas & what it really stands for.  Do me a favor. Get on line & search for a country singer named " Jimmy Dean" his  song. Please listen to it a couple times & think about this. Song. Is "Yes Patricia there is a Santa Clause". I know You can find it, I found it this way as well. Maybe use lime-wire to search for this song.  Please let me know what You think after listening to it twice.


No I have never cancled Christmas because my children were bad. I never even considered doing something like that.

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