Religion is like a make of a Car. A good driver who favours that particular make and who cares about other drivers and road users, will ensure that the car is in tip top condition and drive it carefully and correctly but a bad driver will just use that make of car for his own selfish ends and wont give a feck about any other driver or road users that bad driving and poor maintenance. But even so, that good driver will still favour that make of car, even though that bad driver will be driving the same make of car because he believes in that make of car and wont let the bad driver make him believe otherwise, no matter how bad the bad driver gets, because it isn't the car's fault that the bad driver drives chooses through his free will to drive that car badly and not to maintain it in tip top condition.Smile
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Michael Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Good answer Ted !



Great way to explain your point of view Ted.Cool Kool!

Yechielshlipshon Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Dear Ted;

Good explaination! Now, if we could sell that point of view to more people, maybe there would be better "driving" of their religion?

I was raised to know that it is not the lable that makes the difference, it is the person who wares the lable. So I am opened to all views, have learned from many points of view, and have benefitted.

Thank you again. Christianity is not a bad or good religion-it is a way of life for those who wish to learn and live it.



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