The original poster evidently doesn't realize that sin is prevalent within an entire society. It is not only Christians that sin, it includes everyone on earth. It is mans nature...We are not perfect... The Supreme being is perfect. 

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venturamickey Thinks this answer is Helpful:


amen Josephine.  Follow Christ not a religion and be sure to get a bible that is true to the original writings. The King James is the most accurate and you will get used to the thees and thous just keep reading and pray for understanding.

Yechielshlipshon Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Dear venturamickey;

I am sorry to advise you of this, but the King James Vertion is a vertion which does not always compare with the original. There are more accurate vertions and they have less distortions with the original language than the KJV.

I found this out when I was more into learning Hebrew, and even some Greek, and read the Hebrew with a King James as the English. Then, i had another vertion, and found that there were less problem with the accuracy of the English.

I am not trying to "sell" a bible, as your research can help you to learn more. Have fun, and thank you anyway for your input.



Bill Thinks this answer is Helpful:

If atheists had their way, they would burn all Bibles and force us all to memorize Mein Kampf and the Pure Thought of Chairman Mao at gunpoint.  Their track record for such atrocity is undeniable.


God gave you a conscience for a reason.  He also gave you a chance to understand the Scriptures. 


At first, do not concentrate on doctrinal minutia.  Concentrate on getting to know the Lord.  Get to know Him as a Person who is around you constantly and looking in on all you do.  He is no fool.  He knows what you are going through and He is here to help with great ideas. 


You must think also, and grow a little at a time using experience and insight as your guide.  As you mature you will find that you can do all your own thinking for the Lord and understand things very clearly that were mysteries before.


Your insight will fill in the gaps that the Lord put into the Scriptures just to get you thinking.  That is when you know you are on the right track.


That is when you are ready to take on even wily adversaries and put their games out in the open for others to see.  I do hope you get my drift, Mr. Y.

Yechielshlipshon Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Dear Bill;

I get your drift. It applies to all humans, even Atheist. I know this from my life long experience.

As for gaps in Scripture? Read between the black. G-d did not get the writters to write down a perfect manuscriipt; even in the original. Read Numbers Ch.1, then read 2nd Samual and first Chorincles, where King David's census is told.

G-d said one thing in Numbers, the census takers forgot, and we are told what happened in Samual, and an explaination is given in Chronicles. Both cases they forgot to mention that the reason for the plague was taking the census by a direct count of the people, instead of receiving a half shekle from each one.

In Chronicles, Satan is used (a new invention of ours, modeled on the Zoroasterian good god, bad god) because they could not see G-d commanding King David to do something, then evil would come out of it.

The Tanach has a few such examples. By understnding the history and how certain things happened, we have a better understanding of why.

So, friends, stay with your studies. Remember that there are reasons for everything.



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