Christianity is people, people do stupid (evil) things even with the noblest most highest ideals.  Y

ou want a more accurate picture of Christianity, look at Jesus' life as portrayed in the gospels?  Look at the things that he said and the things that he did. Would you call that evil?

That's what people who follow Christ should be like.  Anything else is a distortion and the blame falls on the people who distort the Christian faith.


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LadyE Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Gustavo -- While I agree that one should follow the example of Jesus, remember that Christians are saved by grace but we are still not perfect.  If we were, we'd be in heaven with Jesus by now.  We strive to be better, but we are not a distortion.   


LadyE - The evil things that Christians do are a distortion of the faith, not the Christians.  I live by grace every day. 

I was merely trying to answer the original question where an entire religion is negatively portrayed based on the ACTIONS of some people within that religion.


Lady E, you speak the truth.  Perfection is never achieved on this planet as hard as we may work to achieve it. 


When we get close enough to perfection to have learned our lesson about how rotten dishonest people can make life on everyone else, then we have become much smarter and God will find us much more to His liking.  We also find each other more to our liking.  I cannot think of one person who wanted to be with an atheist for eternity: they are such grouches that no one can get along with them.


Gustavo, remember also that atheist powers have persecuted Christians as far back as ancient Rome and those involved in this extremist cult always default back to the ravings of Nero and Caligula.  Roman "religion" was an exercise in political power, but never one of genuine faith hence Roman idolatry is very difficult to differentiate from modern day atheism.  The sole effect is identical as history attests.


Christians are a work in progress.  Atheists cannot understand the concept of progression because they have driven out all decency, reason, and love from themselves absolutely, and now live on the bitterest of all possible angry games and delusions, hence all is proved about atheists QED.


Eventually even the nastiest atheist comes to his senses and becomes a real man or woman.  Respectability can come to an atheist only when he is willing to leave behind all that made him worthless and bitter.

Yechielshlipshon Thinks this answer is Helpful:

 Dear Friends;

 Remember, there are good people who are Atheist, as well as of Theist persuasion. Look here; >>><<< You do not have to believe the truth, but you look silly preaching against it.



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