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Which version of the bible do Baptists use?

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There are several sects of Baptists and, to the best of my knowledge, no large sect specifies any particular bible version. Indeed, Baptists are by definition very free in this regard, and such a decision is almost certainly solely within the purview of each congregation. In other words, this is probably determined - *when* it is determined - by the individual Baptist congregations for themselves.

I believe the standard Bible for most Baptists is the King James. But Talico is right, they're free to use whichever Bible they want or like.

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Hi Caroline,

I was raised by a Baptist mom and dad, my dad a minister.  I can never remember having any Bible other than the King James in our home.  I still use the King James, though some of the Baptist churches I visit lose me completely when they read the scripture.  I believe what a lot of the Baptist are using now is called the New International King James version.  If you are interested in attending a Baptist church, I would suggest you speak to the Pastor before purchasing a new Bible, and find out what type they use.  As for me, I depend entirely on the King James.  Hope this helps.  Merry Christmas, and God bless.

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 Baptist are generally a conservative group. King James would be a favorite. They would not go for all the modern translations. Some individual in the Baptist church might read other veresions, but not in the church as a whole.  Just one opinion.

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