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President Incitatus?

Obama's most recent failures . . .. March 2009: "Pan American Waterways Treaty." Would have made the Mississippi, Ohio, and Columbia Rivers "international waterways" where ...
  Posted 3 months ago .


Where is design wedding invitation?

Thiep cuoi Hong Hue - Cua hang cung cap thiep cuoi ?ep nhat Ha Noi voi nhieu mau thiep cuoi an tuong 2014.
  Posted 7 months ago .


The Senate told Obama, "No way." So will the House.

Obama's worst holdback yet. It was 100-0 in the Senate against Obama's "deal with Iran," and if it ever gets to the floor of the House it'll be 435-0 against Obama. Thing is ...
  Posted 21 hours ago .


Legal Highs

What is the future for legal highs in USA?
  Posted 15 hours ago .


How do you get used to a new Cat?

How do you get used to a new Cat? The old one was my favorite. I named it Crawler but it was the strongest cat I ever had, until it died. I like my new Cat. It is even stronger ...
  Posted 4 months ago .