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When I interview job seekers, how come Jews and Muslams get upset when I ask for their Christian name? Everyone got to have one..... don't they?

Both my partners granparents came here from Sweden who's last name started with a B and both ended up with same last name of Benson because the white man couldn't pronouce either one of their real last names. She kept her last name when we got married, she pays the phone bill, when ever anyone calls they address me by my wifes last name. Mr. Benson.

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I'm amazed they admit to you.

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Rocmike aka American Patriot you have been posting for 7 hours under your Bill alias, 3 hours under your Humble alias, 2 hours under your dfrogpong alias, 1 hour under your Joyce Peller alias with some anonymous posts thrown in. You wonder why people think you are a joke and a insane loser. Do you have any kind of life?


Her father was a reverend for the luthuran church. During the 50's, once a year he always wrote his theseis about the pedaphiles in the catholic church but they always turned it down. He finally gave up on his protestant church and got his degree in psychiatry and took a job in the prison on Rikers Island.


It was a tradition for hundreds of years where the son follows in the foot steps of the father to become a minister them selves but instead his son became an atheist him self.


Humble, why did you wait clear until 911 to finally do something about pedaphiles in the catholic church? What was so special about 911? Is it something that goes on in the protestant churchs as well? I understand that pedaphiles run just as rampant in your protestant temple. Did you use the catholics to cover up what goes on in your own church?

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